Translucent Film

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glue: permanent pressure sensitive adhesive

features: glass beads honeycomb, high reflectivity, weather resistance

High luminance – our specially made glass microbead tape is manufactured by professional technology. High visibility ensures safety tape reflects light better in the dark, which will greatly increase visibility during the day and at night. Its unique design of glass microbead pattern gives off bright light when reflecting light. Improve visibility, believe he’s right, improve SAFETY — hazards are everywhere, and reduce the chance and risk of an accident by using our BRIGHT PLUS LIGHT & SAFETY.

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Why different in reflective sheeting signs’ using life

With the time goes, the reflective sheeting will decrease the reflection value during the usage under the non-protective
environment. So XW Reflective divides different standards for this road reflective film according to the reflective value.

Standards of reflective sheeting tape

The grade of reflective film can usually be followed by diamond grade, high-intensity grade, engineering-grade, economic grade,and other categories.
Of course, the raw reflective material using and selling price of reflective tape is different due to the different requirements
of reflection value and outdoor life. For example, the high-intensity grade reflective sheeting can be used for highway reflective signs, with a high reflection parameter, asked a high price. But low reflective film is enough to made as reflective street signs.
In a word, you can choose a different standards of reflective tape according to your needs. 

Storage of reflective material

Road reflective sheeting film is a high-tech reflective product, a new type of functional composite material, with a rapid
development in recent years in the world, play an important role at night safety. But reflective vinyl sheeting needs to be
maintained well for better express its reflective function. So, we need to take the right measure to storage reflective sheeting vinyl rolls.


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