Printable PVC Reflective Film For Billboards

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It is a kind of reverse reflection material for direct application of thin film, which is made of glass bead technology, microprism technology, synthetic resin technology, thin film technology and coating technology and micro-coating technology.

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Easy to use. Clean and dry required surface area. Cut the required length of tape, when you stick the tape on the surface, remove the tape and press it into place, be sure to paste successfully once, do not paste repeatedly, if you are not completely satisfied with your safety reflective tape, please contact us for a return or a full refund. We will solve it for you! Let you have no worries.

Product Free Sample Printable PVC Self-adhesive Reflective Film For Billboards
Material PVC
Color White, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Green, Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Fluorescent Red, etc.
Adhesive type pressure sensitive type
Release layer 100gsm release paper or 36μm PET release film
Characteristic Good ink absorption and fast drying; excellent for computer inkjet printing and silk screen printing with reflective brightness up to 300cd/lx/m2
Application Highway billboards, lamppost flag banner, car body advertising, temporary work site signs, caution signs
Brand ODM and OEM
Size 1.24m/1.35m/1.52m*50m
Package 1 roll in one hard tube or carton


The first is the stacking of reflective film.

1. It is best to be able to stack the carbons with reflective sheeting rolls in the same direction and horizontally in layers.
2. It is strictly forbidden to stack crosses.
3. It is strictly prohibited to stack reflective sheeting rolls’ cartons of different sizes together.
4. Partially used reflective film rolls are required to return to the cartons with polybag protected.
5. Unprocessed reflective sheets should be store flat.
6. To avoid direct sunlight and damp storage environment. Reflective films should be stored in a cool, dry area, ideal at 18-24℃, and 30-50% humidity and should be applied within one year of purchase.

In fact, we also need to pay attention to a small detail before stacking, which is to handle lightly 

when handling to avoid

collision. And check whether the package is damaged before handling.

Application of reflective sheeting:

Reflective sheeting is mainly used for various road and railway permanent or temporary traffic signs, construction zone signs,vehicle license plates, barricades, helmet stickers, etc.

The operating temperature of the reflective film sheeting

Generally, reflective sheeting incorporates a pressure-sensitive adhesive and should be applied to the sign substrate, such as metal or aluminum at a temperature of 65°F / 18 ℃ or higher.


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