1. What are mini luminous characters?

Mini luminous sub-characters are logo characters created by polymer materials through advanced numerical control equipment. They are beautiful and delicate in appearance.
Small and elegant, noble and fashionable, it is now the new darling of the sign industry.

2. Production process

It is composed of a panel, a bottom plate and an LED light-emitting lamp. The panel is made by obliquely cutting a polymer acrylic board by an engraving machine to form a three-dimensional bevel, and then engrave and separate it. The bottom plate is laser-cut acrylic plate, just install the LED light. Finish fixed with organic glue.

3. Features:

Exquisite appearance-made by the latest oblique engraving technology, the machine has high precision and high interface overlap, just like a handicraft, fine and beautiful.
Uniform luminescence-made of polymer acrylic material, uniform luminescence, soft and full, bright light is not dazzling.
Luminous three-dimensional-oblique engraving is obviously staggered before and after, it can be brightened in other colors according to customer needs, and the three-dimensional sense is strong.
Energy-saving LED lights, low power consumption, long service life, low heat generation, suitable for long-term work.
Strong weather resistance-better than ordinary acrylic, it has better resistance to direct sunlight, oxidation and rain erosion.
The failure rate is low-the word shell is firm, the LED lamp has a theoretical life of 10 years, and the failure rate is almost flat.

4. Application:

It is widely used in company service desks, store door signs, high-end leisure venues, mobile phone stores, property management offices and other places.

5. Development Trend

Nowadays, resin characters have almost died down. They are difficult to process and easy to change color. They have to slowly withdraw from the market. They are replaced by mini luminous characters, the new force in the sign industry. The trend of today’s sign industry is to develop in a high-end form, mini luminous characters
Also has high-end quality, so the future is bright

6. Features of mini luminous characters:

a, the brightness is uniform and soft
b. Strong three-dimensional effect, no color change
C. Fast production efficiency and convenient maintenance
d, has a long service life

Ultra-thin luminous characters, mini luminous characters, exquisite appearance, concise, beautiful and generous, can be used in various shopping malls, specialty stores, direct sales stores, high-grade, long life, uniform brightness, no color, suitable for brand enterprise production, convenient logistics, super Thin and not easily damaged.

Introduction to Mini Luminous Letters:

Mini luminous characters are the latest and most popular craft characters products in 2013, and the materials are entirely imported acrylic materials. The appearance of the mini luminous characters is very exquisite and elegant, beautiful, eye-catching and bright in color. It also has the characteristics of small, noble, stylish and beautiful. It can highlight the excellent quality of the brand LOGO during the day and emit colorful colors at night. It is successful while attracting people’s attention. It creates a high-taste, extremely luxurious and exquisite application logo environment, which plays an unexpected role in advertising. Therefore, since entering the market, the brand logo made of mini luminous characters has been widely popular and well received, and has won the favor of domestic and foreign customers.

How to distinguish the pros and cons of mini luminous characters:

From material selection, engraving, lighting to paint, every process of making mini luminous characters must be perfect to produce high-end products. Any defect in any process will greatly reduce the appearance of the mini luminous characters. Therefore, high-end companies wanting to make mini luminous word brand logos need to find cursor production companies with large scale, professional production technology, and production bases.

First, from the perspective of material selection, the material selected for a good mini luminous character production process must be high-quality acrylic sheet. Professional manufacturers will choose acrylic with high transparency, high mechanical strength, light weight and easy processing as raw materials, so that the mini luminous characters produced can have uniform light, strong resistance and long service life.

Second, from the point of view of engraving, the engraving of mini luminous characters is more troublesome. It is completed in 4 steps. The first step is to groove the back of the character; the second step is to invert the bevel on the front of the character; the third step is to cut the front side. ; The last step is to cut out the bottom plate. Every step needs to be meticulously crafted and no errors can occur. Therefore, if you want to produce high-quality mini luminous characters, you must have the most advanced machining center equipment, the most careful and perfect technical workers.

Third, from the perspective of cloth lights, cloth lights are more of a technical activity. Each thin line determines whether the mini luminous characters are uniformly illuminated. The subtleties are excellent. The equipment and collocation of each wire are perfect. There is no more or less one, and all kinds of small lights are arranged just right in the delicate operation.

Fourth, from the perspective of paint, the production process of good mini luminous characters has very strict requirements on paint. The paint should be of moderate thickness and uniformity. The hand must be smooth and delicate. From the visual point of view, it is flat and not concave. Come for perfect tactile and visual enjoyment. Although the painting step is also a detail, the details determine success or failure, and the details determine the best. The first-class luminous character production Ding Yi will pay great attention to every detail to create the best brand identity for customers. The quality of mini luminous character production Ding Yi reflects the overall level of a brand logo production company. Therefore, to have a place in the strong Chinese brand logo market, it must be the most advanced and most advanced.

Good mini luminous characters are made by Ding Yi, which can produce the most beautiful and high-quality brand logo for customers!

Post time: Oct-30-2021