3M is a company in the world that provides a full range of products for the advertising and sign industry. With the development of technology, there have been many well-known companies in the world for long-term cooperation. The following is an introduction to the four advantages of 3M light box film, hoping to help the majority of users.

1. 3M light box film, this kind of high-end photo inkjet light box has strong outdoor weather resistance. The casting film is matched with the special 3M light box cloth, which is not interfered by ultraviolet rays and has comprehensive aspects such as anti-aging and anti-shrinkage. American manufacturers can provide five One-year comprehensive quality assurance, and provide quality assurance;

2. The 3M light box film has strong resistance to typhoons and physical external forces. This has been tested and verified by major users in coastal areas for many years. And because the light cloth still has a certain degree of elasticity after being stretched flat, it is not as easy to break as acrylic when subjected to a certain physical external force;

3. 3M light box film construction is convenient and the construction period is short. The method of sticking the film light cloth is relatively the simplest construction method. It only needs to gradually tighten the light box surface on the frame through a special pull buckle. The construction time is a few hours, so it can improve work efficiency and save a lot of on-site Construction time;

4. 3M light box film photo spray painting saves costs. Compared with the ordinary plastic suction mode, the process of mold opening and plastic suction is omitted, and the comprehensive unit price is significantly lower than other methods. If the long-term outdoor weather resistance and stability of this method are added, the unit price allocated according to the service life is lower.

From the above analysis of the advantages of the 3M light box film, it is not difficult to see that the classic method of film and light cloth is the same in terms of cost performance, ease of operation, or standard ease of unification.


Post time: Apr-12-2021