1. Dry pasting method of how to install light box cloth

In fact, it is to directly paste the film to the material that is pasted, paste dry paste, casting grade and other very thin marking films. It is recommended to apply a layer of special transfer positioning paper on the surface. Do not tear off the entire backing paper for dry stickers, usually only one corner. Set the position first and then glue the corners of the backing paper, then slowly pull the backing paper with one hand, and slowly scrape the bottom paper with the other hand. Pay attention to coordination and don’t use too much force, otherwise it will easily cause wrinkles. Of course, the force should not be too small, otherwise it will easily produce bubbles.

Note: The dry paste method requires a skilled and superb master, which is not easy to grasp. This method is generally not recommended for large area film.

2. How to install the wet pasting method of light box cloth

We recommend that you use the wet pasting method, which is more secure than the dry pasting method

1. Prepare a spray bottle that can manually press water and add some detergent. Generally, the ratio of detergent to water is 0.5%. Shake the spray bottle to produce more foam.

Note: It should be less than more, otherwise there will be many small bubbles between the film and the veneer.

2. Turn the bottom paper of the film facing upwards, slowly tear off the bottom paper, and spray water on the exposed rubber surface again and again after tearing off the bottom paper, and transfer the film to the laminated surface. At this time, the film loses its adhesiveness and can take a short time. Lift up inside until the positioning is accurate.

Note: If the film is large, you need other personnel to help pull the film, spray water on your hands before pulling the film, and then spray water on the surface to be laminated.

3. Use a special scraper, preferably a scraper with felt edges. Slowly wipe from the center of the film from both sides, gradually applying pressure, and repeat at least ten times.

4. Look down and check whether there are obvious blisters on the film until the water inside is basically wiped dry.

Note: If there are words on the film, wait for 20-40 minutes after scraping, and then uncover the words. The waiting time is determined according to the ambient temperature. If the time is too short, it will drive the other parts to move; if the time is too long, it will increase the difficulty of the film.


Post time: Apr-12-2021